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September 26, 2018


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Too scared of you, Canary Mission, AMCHA, and the Israel Project to identify

A professor engages in a boycott of academic institutions that discriminate against people because of their religions and ethnic backgrounds while the same institutions give preferences to others because of their religious background. And then you accuse the same professor of being bigoted for not enabling that ethnoreligious hierarchy. Hmm...

Did you think professors refusing to write letters of recommendation for Kozinski clerkships were being bigoted against male students?

Were law schools banning military recruiting in defiance of the Solomon Amendment being anti-straight?

Steve L.

To: Too scared of you, Canary Mission, AMCHA, and the Israel Project to identify

Canary Mission is indeed reprehensible, as I have written before on this blog, but there is no actual reason to be afraid. Even they do not monitor random blog posts, nor do they ever do anything other than insult people.

And of course, there is no reason at all to be afraid of me, as you surely know -- so your rhetorical point is just silly.

In any case, Tel Aviv University doesn't engage in ethnoreligious discrimination against students. It is probably the most open, inclusive, and progressive institution in Israel.

Finally, the Tel Aviv study-abroad opportunity is an approved program at the University of Michigan. Prof. Cheney-Lippold is well within his rights to boycott Israel, but he cannot compel his students to join the boycott by selectively refusing to provide references (which is part of his job).

Too scared of you, Canary Mission, AMCHA, and the Israel Project to identify

I don't understand how one compels a student to join in a boycott by not writing a letter of recommendation. How does it differ from refusing to write letters of recommendation for students wanting to clerk for racist or sexist judge? Would a professor be compelled to write a letter of recommendation for an externship with Raytheon if that professor is opposed to weapon manufacturing?

You're welcome to believe that Tel Aviv University doesn't engage in discrimination, but that's your opinion.

American students of Arab and Muslims origin are regularly denied the opportunity to enter Israel to study, and even Trump's State Department agrees with that.

An Arab student from Hebron may not study in Tel Aviv University, while a Jewish student from Hebron may study in Tel Aviv University.

An Arab student from Gaza may not study at Tel Aviv University, or even Beir Zeit university.

Regardless, it's not your role or a university's to tell a professor that the professor must accept your opinion on the matter.

The fact you think there is no reason to fear Canary Mission displays a particular privilege. They will contact employers, deans, student groups, etc... and launch a campaign of harassment. Its sister organizations will launch litigation to harass professors through years long FOIA requests and harass students will with Facebook ads and posters around campus.

For to buy a firelock

To: Too scared of you, Canary Mission, AMCHA, and the Israel Project to identify

Question 1: do you not know what a category mistake is?

Question 2: since Sharia is a paradigm case of an apartheid legal system, what do you think of a boycott of all institutions and regimes that are organized, even in part, under it?

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