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August 09, 2018


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"Kobach evidently has no sense of either chutzpah or irony."

I think you mean "Kobach evidently has chutzpah."

Second, you say: "In the second case, there is no reason that he shouldn't."

No, Steve, the burden is on you to say he should.

You've done that, of course. YOu say: "no person should be a judge in his own cause, or even appear to be."

If the SoS was a candidate, overseeing the electoral process, should you not have called for recusal before the election? After all, according to you, isn't the SoS the "judge" of the election, whether the vote count is close or not?


Kobach is a hack, and won’t recuse himself for the same reason trump met with the Russians: it gives him a better chance to win, morality and fairness be damned.


Thank goodness Democrats act only on the basis of principle, and won't let morality and fairness be damned to ensure their success. We are so blessed to have such saints among us.


From Wiki:

“In 1984, Kobach graduated from Washburn Rural High School in Topeka, Kansas, where he was co-valedictorian, and class president.[35] He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from Harvard University, graduating summa cum laude and first in his department.[36] … From Harvard, Kobach went on to earn an M.A. and D.Phil. in Politics at the University of Oxford, attending having been granted a Marshall Scholarship. Returning to the U.S., he studied at Yale Law School, where he earned a J.D. degree in 1995,[1][39] and became an editor of the Yale Law Journal. During this time, he published two books: The Referendum: Direct Democracy in Switzerland (Dartmouth, 1994), and Political Capital: The Motives, Tactics, and Goals of Politicized Businesses in South Africa (University Press of America, 1990).”

Should we label anyone we disagree with a “hack”? What label should we use to describe Anon's comment above, labeling Kobach a "hack"?


And, btw, are you all aware that this is PRIMARY election, and a contest between two REPUBLICANS?

As Politico asks: "Wouldn't the Democratic candidate ... prefer to run against a polarizing and unpopular figure like Kobach?" Indeed, why the Lubet treatment here?

Perhaps this, again from Politico:

"So why wouldn't Democrats want to run against a target like [Kobach] ... In brief, because a Colyer candidacy would more likely make the Kansas gubernatorial race a referendum on something unpopular: former Governor Sam Brownback’s ruinous tax cuts. Whereas a Kobach campaign is likely to make the election a referendum on something far more popular among Kansas voters: President Donald Trump."

Principle, only principle, folks.

And, BTW, the vote counting is going Colyer's way right now. Gee, with all this attention on his conduct, Lubet's theory that Kobach is fixing/can fix the results is ... validated????

Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Environmental Justice

Here lies Ethics, leadership, democracy, fair play. September 17, 1787-January 20, 2017. RIP

Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Environmental Justice


With credentials and smarts like that, he should know better. He is using his education to take advantage of people he is supposed to serve. Think of all the people who work at Walmart, Drivers, farmers, factory workers, teachers, police officers in Kansas....It's not a calling or passion...this Kansas gig is a stepping stone for him.


A comment posted above pointed out that correction of the error undermines your "the fix is in" argument ... shouldn't the "update" to your post address the common sense conclusion that "Gee, with all this attention on his conduct, Lubet's theory that Kobach is fixing/can fix the results is ... validated????"


Is is possible that Kobach being a hack says nothing at all about the virtue of Democrats?



No. Because these days it is more likely to be a Democrat who will not only reflexively, angrily and falsely shout out "Hack" about someone with credentials which one suspects are far more impressive than his simply based on tribal loyalty, but will double down and stick to that false label even after it is shown to be demonstrably wrong. Such persons ignore facts, while constantly accusing others of doing so, and never, ever, look at their own party and examine its faults in an honest and forthright way.

Need proof. Read your own comments, and the posts on this website.


BTW, only a "hack" would misuse the word "hack," which in this context means: "working for hire especially with mediocre professional standards ·a hack journalist."

Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Environmental Justice

Hack? Does this fellow drive a cab too?

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