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August 29, 2018


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Jeff Lipshaw

This is the publication application of the Groucho Marx/Woody Allen maxim "I would never want to join a club that would have me as a member."

Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Environmental Justice

This is the same kind of deal as these motivational things at the Motel with starving art that promise Al Gore, Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton as speakers. On the other hand, an august intellectual blog like this publishes my comments because I a good looking three bill retail theft lawyer. Works both ways, I guess..

Enrique Guerra-Pujol (

Be sure to cross-check with Dr Beall's list of predatory open-access journals ( before sending anything in!

Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Environmental Justice

Are they offering you money? Cash, United States currency American (once heard a copper testify like that at a Prelim on a Hand to Hand delivery)? Money is good, you know. It buys silence and allows one to win elections and buy twenty dollars worth at the BP. Maybe they will give you an Amazon gift card?

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