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August 08, 2018


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Enrique Guerra-Pujol (

Prof Frye's excellent paper brought back a cherished memory--in particular, two words I will never forget--when my Civ Pro professor (Geoffrey Hazard) let my classmates and me on an important but often acknowledged truth: "people lie"!

Enrique Guerra-Pujol (

I meant: "unacknowledged"

Rick Bales

I am very much looking forward to Prof. Frye's presentation at the Akron Law Review symposium on Erie next month.

Anthony Gaughan

You took Civ Pro from a legend, Enrique.

Before he died in January, Prof. Hazard did an interesting interview with the ABA business law journal. In the interview he said that when he started teaching in 1958, he was supposed to teach torts. But there was a last second scheduling issue, so on the spur of the moment the dean assigned him to Civ Pro instead. Needless to say, it worked out very well!

Thanks for your comment, Enrique.

Anthony Gaughan

The Akron Law Review symposium looks absolutely great, Rick. A very impressive list of presenters on an important topic. For anyone interested, the symposium is called "Erie at Eighty: Choice of Law Across the Disciplines," and it is on September 13 and 14 at the University of Akron School of Law.

Thanks for pointing it out, Rick.

Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Environmental Justice

Gosh, if I knew the facts of "Erie," I would have paid more attention in law school instead of reading the "holding" in Gilberts. Do they still publish Gilberts? If I recall, studying this stuff kinda put me to sleep. But the facts above are damn interesting....some poor schlepp getting his head chopped off by a train door.... Kinda like John Wayne Bobbitt, except higher up.

Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Environmental Justice

Or if Tompkins did bullshit, he is no different than his cotemporaries involved in low speed rear-enders with soft tissue injuries who treat for years at chiropractors. The chiropractor always discharges them as "guarded."

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