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August 13, 2018


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Readers may find the "diversity statement" of interest (follow the link above). Suffice it to say, their intent is clear.

Cranky Pants

Dont like the ad, dont apply for the job


I won't, Cranky, but, you should read that diversity statement, if you care about the issue. If not, don't read it (or write one like it, hopefully). WE should all care about that sort of requirement, as framed.

Tony Smith

Anon says we should be "concerned" about a question asking of a candidate's contribution to diversity, equality, and inclusion. Why? Because law schools should hire people who favor homogeneity, inequality, and exclusion? Also, Berkeley is following what conservatives have pounded their chests about for decades: don't use background as a factor in diversity. Instead, just look at the contribution each individual brings. Ta da.



You obviously did not follow the link, and read the actual requirements. My comment relates to the requirement "as framed." (Follow the link in the post above, after further information about the diversity statement is available at: ...")

Had you reviewed the actual requirements, I don't think you could state, in good faith, that this requirement, as framed, is designed to merely identify those who "favor homogeneity, inequality, and exclusion."

Tony Smith

Oh, please, Anon. I read the link. You are obviously triggered by the diversity statement. And no - I don't think it is meant to identify folks who favor "homogeneity, inequality, and exclusion." It is meant to identify those with experiences and knowledge of the exact opposite. If you don't want to work in such a healthy - and perfectly constitutional environment - don't apply (as another reader suggested).


Oh please. Tony, take a deep breath.

Then, read, e.g., the "areas of evidence for demonstrating contributions to advancing equity and inclusion" and tell me that these requirements are related to simply identifying persons with "experiences and knowledge of" diversity.

The fact that you mention "constitutional" is so telling. This commenter never mentioned that word, or that issue.

Me thinks you protest a bit too much, Tony.


Add to that review, Item No. 2 under "How do we assess your ability to advance equity and inclusion?"

Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Environmental Justice

AKA Donald Trump, Betsy 10 Yacht Devos, Stephen Miller, Zinke, need not apply. That's what they are saying.

Bizarro Kavanaugh (Dumb lawyer, but good basketball player)

Berkeley welcomed back John Yoo (maybe because he didn't discriminate between Shiites and Sunnis in his green-lighting of "advanced interrogation techniques") so it's not entirely fair to say Berkeley won't welcome conservatives. Maybe Secretary Nielsen (UVA Law grad) could have her office next to him. She advanced "diversity, equity and inclusion" by separating families from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

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