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August 27, 2018


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There is an inherent illogic to the bull$hit about the Jews and their supposed "working together" to control the world.
1 for many years, before Isreal, the jews we're beaten and persecuted, hardly an indication of power and control
2 Jews are not a uniform group and you can't say "they all.. ", some Jewish folks are
leftists and some are rightists, Democrat, Republican, capitalist, etc.
3 what the UK (and EU) Jew hatred indicates is that this bigotry remains below the surface but remains. I've got to say there is some meta spiritual aspect to hating the Jewish people. It makes no sense but is ever present.

Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Environmental Justice

Senator John McCain said it best, ...Some politicians "stir up the crazies," to get power. He also said, these are "not patriots, but traitors." Applies over the pond too.

For to buy a firelock

"Senator John McCain said it best, ...Some politicians 'stir up the crazies', to get power. He also said, these are 'not patriots, but traitors'. Applies over the pond too".

Typical American ignorance. If only you knew how many Tories and Lib Dems voted for Corbyn as party leader to sink Labour. Even the Guardian complained at the time about non-members voting in the party's leadership election. Corbyn has an almost forty-year public track record of insanity; he needn't engage in anything novel in order to stir up the crazies for his own advantage. Indeed, since taking the helm he has alienated a considerable number of Labour voters, whether or not they give a damn about the four-by-twos. (A moderate Labour candidate might very well have won the last UK election for the party). Despite this latest fiasco, everyone knows - save 'progressive', 'liberal' Americans, of course - that Corbyn is generally unelectable in the UK.

Meanwhile, good luck flooding your country with millions more unskilled, illiterate, illegal immigrants (helping to make your poor poorer), all whilst complaining abut the growing gap betwixt rich and poor and zealously accusing all opponents of the policy, and other such neoliberal delights, of 'ignorance' and racism.

Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Environmental Justice

I thank my lucky stars everyday that I am an ignorant American.

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