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July 21, 2018


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Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Enviconmental Justice

This is a Illinois taxpayer funded bailout of a failing law school. It is a bad deal for Illinois taxpayers. Illinois has 9 law schools, 4 of which will now be publicly supported. NIU is only a few miles away. The market for attorneys, even veteran attorneys is completely over saturated. Illinois has billions in unfunded pension liabilities, a bond rating near junk status, people leaving the State, public debt and underfunded education and we buy a law school? Dumb.


If you review the transaction and look at the public tax documents for JMLS, this is a great deal for Illinois. First, JMLS has a decent endowment. Second, the school has millions of dollars in real estate holdings. Third, UIC did not pay any money for this acquisition. The only question is whether they can lower tuition enough to make the school self-sustainable. JMLS benefits because it instantly becomes the cheapest law school in the city, which could mean better students. NIU is not close to Chicago. It is not a few miles from Chicago. NIU is likely the school who will be most immediately affected because it’s advantage was price. Now, JMLS will undercut that advantage.

Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Enviconmental Justice

A great deal for Illinois? Us taxpayers will be on the hook for another law school either now or later. So, heat and lights are free? That subscription to West Reporters are free? Salaries? There is not enough work, clients and fees to even justify this. Courthouses at Belmont and Western and 51st and Wentworth are closing. There were a lot of Marshall graduates working those Rooms. Like much in the U of I system, there is redundancy.


It's a great deal for those faculty! They just upgraded to an institution that won't be hiring people like that in the future.

Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Enviconmental Justice

Anon at 5:14 pm.

You hit that nail on the head. The faculty and administrators who engineered this deal go home every night to Evanston, Wilmette, Winetka, Glencoe, Lincoln Park, Bucktown, Glenview, Northbrook while folks in Cairo, Marion, Cambridge, Benton, Mt. Vernon, Danville, Galesberg, Rockford and all the other struggling communities get stuck holding the bag. And we wonder why downstate is pissed at Chicago? Tone deafness.... A LAW SCHOOL--just what Illinois needs.

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