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July 11, 2018


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Scott Pruitt Edndowed Chair in Enviconmental Justice

anymouse at 10:31,

There is a scene in the Blues Brothers movie where the Neo Nazis are marching on a bridge over a Chicago lagoon. Jake and Elwood gun the Blues Mobile (Mt. Prospect cop car) toward the Nazis and yell, "I hate Illinois Nazis." The Nazis are sent tumbling and diving for their lives into the lagoon. Donald Trump would have sent the Coast Guard to rescue them and condemned Jake and Elwood.


I know someone who would have sent the Reverend Jeremiah Wright to condemn Jake and Elwood. There would be a Louis Farrakhan follow up. A bunch of Chicago area buddies, so it wouldn't be far for them to go.

Brian Gilmore

I don't think the nominee's comments were strange (not that much, at least) but Donald Trump standing there as President; that remains, at least to me, insane. I guess I have known about him and of him for a long, long time.



If you think that the views of about 60 million of your fellow citizens are insane, then I guess we have to question whose sanity is at issue.

Moreover, although you'll find plenty of support here, let me give you a clue: When someone of your ilk labels about 50% of his fellow citizens "deplorables" "irredeemables" and so forth, he renders most of them incapable of understanding the basis for his superior attitude and causes them to conclude that he is not a reasoning person.

You may think that anyone who does not slavishly support the Democratic party is insane, but, in a word, you are wrong.

When you deliver a condescending insult, you just alienate more voters. I know you don't care (your party has and will suffer as a result), but, IMHO, you should.


Meh, if anything it just seems like an attempt to out-Breyer Justice Breyer.

As for Patrick's assertion in comment uno that "he's not too bright", I hope this was in reference to the president.

If not, I'd be interested in your basis for that statement, given I've been reading a lot of quite liberal legal academics praising his intellect (if not his tilt).

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