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June 05, 2018


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Dorit Reiss

This is a very thought provoking discussion. Another aspect is the legal liability of doctors, too. Can a doctor be sued if an unvaccinated patient with measles infects a baby too young to vaccinate? (Something that has happened in the past, with bad consequences, though no lawsuits happened that I know of). Can a doctor be sued for not counseling a family strongly enough to vaccinate if a child gets a disease (I do know of some of those)?

But this is a really, really tricky issue, and I appreciate the comparison to lawyers. I think doctors, too, need to seriously consider the duty to the patient - especially when it's a child. Is it fair to refuse the child other medical care because the parent is wrong on vaccines?

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

What if somebody cites Masterpiece Cakeshop and argues that the Doc is violating his Free Exercise rights by not treating his kid? The Doc is discriminating against religion? Here is another question. What happens to all that case law that forces religious parents to obtain medical treatment over their objections usually at the hands of a court?


I prefer to keep the lines of communication open, so I work with parents and try to get their children at least partially vaxxed.

My office has a single waiting room, but 2 month and younger patients, and immunocompromised are brought back to a room immediately. I also try to get the front desk to bring back any un/underimmunized Child with fever/rash as quickly as possible.

Vincent Iannelli

Since there are children with true medical exemptions to getting vaccinated, it is likely that every pediatrician accepts and sees unvaccinated children.

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