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June 29, 2018


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"chronically poor planning that plagued Bush’s presidency during ,..., Hurricane Katrina"

Another ultra liberal talking point, that you just take for granted as truth because you obviously haven't studied the facts. Look into the facts, especially involving the local and state leadership, Anthony.

"failed effort to persuade the GOP-controlled Congress ... reform immigration policy"

So, you think that any other president has been more successful? Do you think the Bush proposals were so terrible, given the performance of Congress since? Do you blame ONLY the GOP, here again? Did the previous administration fail to persuade a Democratic led Congress to reform immigration policy? Is there any limit to this mind set of yours?

"the nominee could one day cast the deciding vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey."

THis is straight out of the DNC talking points on this matter. Make it an issue of abortion, they say. True or not, no matter: this is deemed by the Democrats to be the ultimate rallying cry (it has been used over and over, basically to little or no effect).

These posts have much good in them: it is just too bad that these posts are sprinkled with Democratic Party talking points that are, shall we say, more often that not less than factual and simply asserted to "flavor" the piece for ultra liberal readers.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

I give President Bush tremendous credit for eliminating the ABA's influence in the process. They are a trade group who gives out free stress balls at their convention. They can't reign in the sheer number of law schools and make it tough for thousands and thousands of under employed lawyers struggling with 6 figures of student loan debt.. Even in this economy.

By the way, it was the academics who took down Harriet Miers. Google Harriet Miers and University of Chicago. It is this elite talk that brought us to where we are today. Never tell people they are bad. Good thing I didn't study under this professor.


Deep State, I rarely agree with you but this post is gold.


4 Democrats voted for Alito. You missed Robert Byrd. He even gave a speech where he condemned the way the hearing were conducted and the personal attacks on Alito.

Anthony Gaughan


Thanks so much for that great catch. You are absolutely right. Four Democrats did vote for Alito (Senator Chafee of Rhode Island was the one Republican who voted against Alito's confirmation). I will correct the text above. Thanks again! I appreciate it.

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