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June 21, 2018


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Clients tend to spill their guts to Coppers and us attorneys who can help them....get stuck with a bunch of horse shit. They think we can waive a magic wand and make this BIG MISUNDERSTANDINF go away. It's all a BIG MIUNDERSTANDING. Cops like wasting their time talking to innocent people, after all.


If this person who pollutes every post with a bafflingly stupid and unfunny attempt at "humor" is actually a defense lawyer, then one's impression of the criminal "justice" system is affirmed: a collection of incompetent ignoramuses, processing the accused thru a kangaroo court system that is anything but fair and just.

What is even more concerning? "Prosecutors" - who delight in obtaining convictions against the clearly guilty (represented by overworked, lackluster pds), who fold and frequently lose (even when they shouldn't) when confronted by competent counsel, become JUDGES.

Anyone who has read the transcript of any random criminal trial knows what a farce the participants in this circus are perpetrating on an unaware public.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

I am soooooo sorry I misspelled MISUNDERSTANING. I hit the wrong key. I have fat fingers. ^^^^Your assessment of the criminal justice system proves exactly my point: KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

It's not incompetent ignoramuses---its overworked and overwhelmed actors processing people with no resources or time. It's the mantra of "kill the beast" and "no new taxes" coming to fruition. So, the most expedient (cheap and fast) way to convict a mope is getting her to open her trap among other things.

The point of my post is that defendants place their trust into a system that nobody really has any control over. Yes, even the judge.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

…….and yes, most defendants are "clearly guilty." Prosecutors should have a 95% conviction rate. Why? Because everything worked as it should. The system was working. The Copper had PC for the arrest, the evidence was admissible, the defense lawyer was effective, the prosecutor was fair and the Judge evaluated the facts. Or if you are smarmy like me, the defendant's arm was twisted to take a deal because she was looking at double digits and the prosecutor didn't want to bring in eight Coppers.


One of the odder details I picked up along the way (and professors, feel free to swoop in with a citation or counter-citation) is that when police forces in various countries were required to audio-tape all police interviews (custodial or not) - and then video-tape interrogations, conviction rates apparently rose - though the police ended up having to hone their interrogation skills (and lose the phonebooks and rubber hoses.)

It does mean that in much of Europe every police interview, even of non-suspect witnesses is recorded.

That said, amongst career criminal families, members are always at a disadvantage. In Dublin there was a family called Felloni - who inevitably came to be known as the Felonious Fellonis - they lived in an infamous public housing complex oddly on the south side of the city, Fatima Mansions - it was actually near leafy (and somewhat posh) Rathgar. Some of the family history is here:

Members of my extended family would defend various younger Felloni's from time to time. The family was dominated by Tony - the patriarch, one of the worst people anyone could imagine. But by all accounts some of the younger members tried to break out of the cycle - but no one would hire them, both because they came from Fatima Mansions - and the Felloni name. But the big problem was that if a Felloni was ever charged with anything - they had very little chance of acquittal. The family was that notorious.

I became aware of this when some of the teenage members of the family fell through the roof of a warehouse - a very high roof (60 feet) and were killed and crippled. It turned out that these kids had managed to largely extricate themselves from the family business, but had been pressure by Tony into doing more jobs.

Anyway, it is appropos of not very much.

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