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June 22, 2018


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WHat a moving, and so ultimately, a persuasive response to the bigotry and prejudice that the Rabbi identified.

If only we today would heed the Rabbi's main admonition, and stop condemning those with whom we disagree when they do that which we ourselves have done as well.


Funny, I always liked Archbishop John Joseph Hughes' (aka Dagger John) alleged response to the Know-Nothing threat to burn catholic churches in New York (led by Lyman Stowe (Harriet Beecher Stowe's father churches and convents had been burned in Massachusetts), other in New Jersey.) Asked by a prominent protestant clergyman (Protestant Clergy were prominent in their support of the know-nothings) to preach against retaliation he is alleged to have responded "you burn one of ours, we'll burn one of yours." Catholic churches were burned in many places, but not New York.

Steven Lubet

Harriet Beecher Stowe's father was Lyman Beecher. Her brother was Henry Ward Beecher. She was married to Calvin Stowe whose father, Samuel Stowe, was not known to have burned any churches (though I cannot be sure).

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Maybe, just maybe, Senior Trump advisor Stephen Miller will read that letter and get back to his roots. Removing children from otherwise fit parents is not just an exercise in bombast to prove some sort of twisted logic. Harshness and callousness toward people fleeing poverty, violence, gangs, abuse and political instability to seek a better life is so contrary to both Jewish and Christian teachings.


Typo there - it was Lyman Beecher. It’s remarkable how mainstream Protestant churches embraced bigotry until recently (not that other sects were innocent.)


Lyman Beecher led a number of sectarian riots, most notably the one that burned the Ursuline Convent

There is very little escaping that he was a nasty piece of work.


Did Rockamp ever respond?

Howard Wasserman

Rabbi Prinz presided at my Bar Mitzvah in 1981. B’Nai Abraham relocated to Livingston (a suburb) in the mid-‘70s. Prinz was emeritus by that point, but he was on call for mine. The students at the religious school knew he had marched with King, but I do not think most of us knew (or cared, since we were 12-year-old boys) what a big deal he was.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Reminds me of the MLK Letter from the Birmingham Jail.

Professor X

Livingston, Roseland, Wayne lots of Jewish people but ...Oakland NJ - a bastion of being Nazis in the early 80s. I literally took a baseball bat out of my trunk (nails at the end) and warned off a self described "kike hater". He backed off (he was alone). Yeh thise were the days out drinking in Oakland and being among young people who couldn't imagine the Nazis were wrong.

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