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June 14, 2018


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Gee Whiz. It all boils down to this: "Hulk, while we are representing you, do yo mind if we screw Gawker too?" "Your pickle is out of the bag, so what the hell, right?" I'll bet he would have gone along with it. Seems simple to me. In my three bill retail theft world, if an attorney is attempting to overturn or challenge the constitutionality of a statute, and the State offers to dismiss the case, the client has a right to know that... What were these guys thinking?

Brian Frye

Really interesting article, especially the ethical questions at the end. I might use it when I teach professional responsibility in the spring.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

^^^You can teach that long as you teach the basics as I see it: !. Clients nor employees are bed partners. 2. Don't steal from clients. That would include "milking or churning the file" and outright theft. 3. And for heaven's sake, show up for a client's court dates... Ethics is not complicated.

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