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June 18, 2018


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a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

Democrats are masters at using "children" to push irrational claims, to wit:

1. The ACA: the "kids" of 26 years of age get to stay on parents' policies;

2. DACA: the "kids" who are often adults for purposes of drinking, military service, etc.;

3. The "kids" in this instance.

Journalism award for the Democratic press: showing pictures of separated children, that were taken in 2014, and claiming these pictures to show T's evil regime at work. That was rich. Pulitzer prize material.

When the children of citizens are removed, regularly, from the homes of parents deemed to be unfit (for reasons of drug use, etc.), or parents incarcerated, the "liberals" are not heard from, at least not like this latest Democratic ground for hysteria. The "foster children" in the systems largely created by Democratic social engineers are trapped in a nightmare of cruelty. Not a peep is heard from the liberal lion. At least, not on a site like this, which seems, in the political realm, to focus on the most superficial Democratic talking points of the day, and make shallow, hollow claims based thereon.

Never mind the truly evil work of those ferrying vulnerable persons to the border (for reasons you should know, but likely don't know and don't care about).

Democratic demagogues, who incessantly use the term "kids" (in this case, at least, we are speaking factually of minors) to whip up the passions of Democrats, are what? Demagogues. We didn't hear all this during the prior Administration, even though such conditions also existed. Democrats don't fight for justice: they fight to demonize Republicans and try to win. (Look at the federal state and local results and ask yourselves: how is that working out?)

Almost any issue you read about on this site is there for one reason: to demonize T and republicans.

Just sayin'.

Pruitt Foundation and Center for Environmental Justice

^^^I support the Republicans and our Dear Leader by offering them critical, constructive policy analysis. If I didn't support our Dear Leader and the Republicans, which is only a label, by the way, I would politically and physically opt out.

I want a better nation that enhances freedom and prosperity for all. I will hold our Dear Leader's feet to the fire to achieve that. I support him when he does that.


Elian Gonzalez was unavailable for comment.


See, e.g, Obama’s Immigration Agencies Separated Children From Their Families, Too, by Colin Kalmbacher | 11:54 am, June 18th, 2018.

MSNBC (Maddow, O'Donnell, Williams) devoted basically its entire schedule this evening to this issue. I can't say I watched every minute of MSNBC's programming this evening, but, as far as I did, the hearing in Congress today was never even mentioned.

That is the surest proof that the hearing was a devastating exposure of truth, and therefore a blow to the twisted worldview reflected by the "news" as related on outlets like MSNBC (and this blog).



A MSNBC host has a rant, cherry picking every instance in the hearing where T was slammed by anybody, including going back to Senator's comments during the campaign.

That, after all, is the only "news" in this country worth reporting.


My aunt and cousins were amongst the first to sue the Catholic church over the homes – Leiterfrack, Daingen, etc. where children were taken into care and often abused – mentally and from time to time sexually. My college roommate works with children taken into care. I know numerous social workers – and I know what they say.

It’s important to know that the majority of the children’s homes were not horrible places – some were well run institutions that looked after the children with kindness and understanding – but because there were so many, and the state had a hands off approach – and they were ultimately under the authority of an archdiocese that could be concerned, or hands off – some homes were disasters of sadism, physical and sexual abuse and casual cruelty.

It’s important to that this program is being run by a combination of the Department of Homeland Security and Health & Human Services. In the US, child protection – the taking of children into custody and/or care is, as most readers here know, mostly done at the state level, or by the city – by “Child Protective Services” or some similar entity. The Federal Government has almost no experience of running these sorts of programs. Any ad hoc chaotic approach to seizing children, by inexperienced agencies, and placing them in improvised facilities and rapidly selected foster homes, involving thousands of children, will almost inevitably end up with some of those children being abused, equally, physically or in other ways -and even potentially with some badly injured or dead. In fact that’s probably happening now – indeed so probably are the first coverups.

Anyone remotely competent and familiar with what happens in refugee camps and children taking into juvenile facilities and compelled fostering would tell DHS the enormous risk it is running. Without very careful management, some of these children be placed in bad group homes, or with inappropriate foster parents, or with evangelical religious lunatics - and bad things will happen – some of the prison guards in these camps will be badly chosen (and my impression of CBP is that many of its hires were a bad choice.) And when that does the Republican and Bush administration response will be ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Elian Gonzalez is quite distinguishable. He had HEARINGS (due process) and was appointed a Guardian Ad Litem to represent his interests. The AG (Janet Reno_ followed the recommendation of the GAL and returned him to his father in Cuba. While the process was pending, he was in substitute care with relatives. What happened to him closely tracked and followed the Child and Safe Family Act of 1996. (federal Child Welfare/Neglect Statutes) Trump removed children from their parents without bifurcated fitness and best interests hearings. Nor were these children appointed a GAL.

Bill Turnier

Miller, Kelly, Trump, Sessions, et. al., must not have FB accounts. Little kids, puppies and kittens draw more likes than even chocolate cake.



I thought of kittens last evening as I watched Rachel Maddow weeping, literally weeping, while reading a "breaking news" report that the feds were opening yet another facility for those of "tender years." She was so emotional she couldn't read the report.

Need we any further proof that the "news" is nothing but opinion and emotion on most of these media outlets. For those who can remember the hoopla when Walter Cronkite expressed an opinion about Vietnam (rather than simply reporting the news factually) we have indeed slipped down into the muck a very very long way.

Her performance was, to this viewer, quite revolting.

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