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June 11, 2018


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This is just so bizarre, for a number of reasons.

First, it is of the "what if T did some heinous act (that he hasn't done) could we draw and quarter him?" genre; the parlor game du jour.

Second, it compares executive authority over the DOJ to the war power, which is, as any first year law student should know, a different matter under the Constitution.

Third, it ignores that the remedy of impeachment has not been questioned. The article absurdly conflates the power to indict a sitting president to the power to impeach.

Finally, it is a one-sided, biased and twisted version of the "law" propounded obvioulsy for a political, not academic, reason. As such, anyone digesting this tripe should be on notice that this isn't the produce of a fair judge.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

If Trump is indicted for Treason, a good attorney would want to BCX him. A fitness evaluation. From what I see, the President doesn't appreciate what he has done or is doing. It's as if Archie Bunker, Dory Mr. Magoo and Rain man all melded together to become President. If I had a client like Trump, I would call him a wack a doo.

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