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June 08, 2018


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So is this the end for Arizona Summit? Will the Dept of Ed pull student loans like was done for Charlotte? If not, would any 1L risk starting this fall? (It looks like accreditation can be kept during the appeal process).


It seems to this observer that the ABA is attempting to bamboozle those who are following its debacle by focusing on InfiLaw: perhaps it is thought that beating this whipping boy will enable the ABA to scapegoat InfiLaw, march it into the desert, and then excuse the others.


Deep State Special Legal Counsel

What a revolting development this is. Is the bookstore holding a GOING OUT OF BUSINESS liquidation sale? I could use a new stress ball, t-shirt and key chain. Grab a couple of spiral notebooks too! Wait till they are marked down 70% off.


I'm sure about the status quo. I'm sure in the nearest future, the accreditation will be approved


I hope students loan is pulled

Matthew Bruckner

Title IV funds can only flow to "institutions of higher education" and that term is defined as an entity that is accredited. see 20 USC 1001(a)(5) (

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