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May 02, 2018


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Coppers don't talk to INNOCENT people. There is not enough time for that. Be like Rudy who is telling his boy Donny Trump to shut his trap. Easy, end of story. By the way any good Copper will tell you that the weakest part of any case is a confession. By the way, it was not Ted Cruz's father who killed Kennedy, it was me. I am sorry. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.


The comment above by DSSLC appears to be yet another example of what seems to be a very troubled mind at work: it isn't for me offensive attempts at humor, it isn't for me what seems to be a sort of weird and incomprehensible inability to say almost anything on point, it isn't for me pretenses, etc.: it is for me the impression that this person appears to be so bored and so determined to undermine this web site that this person monitors every post on this site and appears to rush in to be the first to post a comment in response. An ugly comment that seems to be designed to offend others and get attention appears to me to be the norm. Perhaps this person will post, under another alias, support for this effort.

This obsession has been going on for a long time now.

Once and for all, will this site adopt a comment policy?

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Tyranny is offensive.

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