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May 07, 2018


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not really

Taleb pwned her pretty badly.

Anthony Gaughan

"Not really," I assume you are referring to the debate over the extent of ethnic diversity in Roman Britain. For those who haven't followed the debate, Mary Beard argues that the archaeological record shows clear evidence of ethnic diversity in Roman Britain, whereas the statistician Nassim Nicholas Taleb contends that modern DNA analysis shows very little ethnic diversity among Britons. For those interested, last August there was a good analysis of the debate in The Conversation, titled, "Mary Beard is Right, Roman Britain was multi-ethnic--so why does this upset people so much?" Here's a link to it:
The Atlantic also had a good piece on the subject, called, "A Kerfuffle About Diversity in the Roman Empire." Here's the link:

not really

That's a misrepresentation of Taleb's point. His point is that the non-natives in Roman Briton that constituted its "diversity" were overwhelmingly Levantine/Mediterranean not sub-Saharan African and that Beard is erasing the former for weird ideological reasons.

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