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May 30, 2018


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Great, one of the worst law schools in the country has just made its academic program even less rigorous. Wasn't this one of the first law schools to adopt a 2-year JD. Clearly Dayton doesn't care about its students.


Doubt this will get much traction. My sense is that online LLM programs have not taken off, many schools will see this as even more downmarket than evening programs, and most especially most tenured profs will not want to learn how to develop an online course and teach it effectively. There are also issues of providing the full range of support services to students at a distance, from library to career services and everything in between.

I remember years ago when law schools begged the ABA to loosen the standards governing online education. It did and few did anything with it.

2U will probably handle the technical aspects and work with faculty on creating the courses and train faculty. In that regard, this partnership is not new. I work at a university doing the same with non JD programs and another company in the space.

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