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May 15, 2018


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Great. Just Great. It all started with the older Boomers who elected Ronald Deficit Arms for Hostages Reagan and their tax cuts during the heights of their earning power. He started to "drown government in the bathtub" and it continued with read my lips "no new taxes." Now my generation is left with a degrading environment, collapsing bridges in Florida and a bigot in the White House. The only way to pay for all that crap is this...pot, alcohol and now this more gambling. Yes, America is Great Again.


I think the Congress should pass bill towards eliminating gambling activities in the country. The youth's focus should be channeled to something meaningful like learning a skill, inventing things etc.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

^^^Agreed. A gambling addiction is pernicious. Go to any casino on any day in Iowa, Illinois or Indiana and in the parking lot one will find at least one 90s era Ford and GM cars loaded with belongings and papers such that the rear bumpers are nearly scraping the pavement. Hoarders. These casinos are really sad places.


Job opportunities should be made available in order to keep the mind busy. When youths engage their energy into something meaningful and profitable, there will be abstinence from gambling activities


good for business but bad for the youths. This is not good for the future of our youths. Their mental energy has to be targeted to something meaningful and creative.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

^^^^"This is not good for the future of our youths." My generation has done really well. My grandparents gave us the New Deal and Social Security, my parents the EPA, consumer safety and a Great Society. I am giving my kids Pruitt, Zinke, Devos, torture, vape shops and Video Gaming Parlors at every strip mall and gas station. Also, Border Patrol Agents who detain women for speaking Spanish at a Mini-Mart in Montana.

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