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May 24, 2018


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Why should the courts be involved at all?

Only if, one supposes, the ABA ineptly and inconsistently enforces its rules, and collapses when challenged in court.

Is there any reason to believe these conditions exist?

If so (David will tell us), at along last, can we all agree that the ABA can't be expected to enforce its own weak, ambigous and loose standards?

How many law schools have had accreditation withdrawn?


One Word, delusional.

Their Complaint has no merit other then may be attempting to buy more time for Infilaw and Sterling Partners to deal with the situation, or may be convert to a non for profit as they have tried in the past with Bethune-Cookman University:

ABA should take notes on how other Accreditors enforce their Standards


Survival of the fitness.

Access to Title iv sure is a unique lifestyle for many investors.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

It's too bad they split from Phoenix University. Phoenix has cool TV commercials during Colbert. I like that one with the cartoon mother loosing her factory job drilling holes. Donald Carrier Trump couldn't save her job, but Phoenix gave her a new life. How cool is that! Hopefully she found affordable day care for her children while she schlepps off to her new IT job.

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