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May 23, 2018


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I have attempted to post this several times in response to David Frakt's last posting, but he keeps deleting it. So I am posting it here so as to bring this issue to the attention of the other moderators:


I too have had my posts comments by David Frakt deleted. I thought this forum was one where robust debate was permitted. If not, you should advertise that. Instead, David's allowance of only comments that praise his attempts to appear relevant are misleading.

Second, I want to second what Anon said @6:22 p.m.

Specifically, David Frakt is posting on here about his clients in an attempt gain leverage and then turning around and referencing those very posts on his website as a means of soliciting new clients. Go to his website and check out his "higher education practice" tab.

I find that incredibly unseemly. I understand that many posters on here will have an agenda, but to use this platform as a vehicle for financial gain should not be permitted. Otherwise, this forum loses all credibility. That David is doing this also flies in the face of his claim that he is posting here as a “public service.”

Hopefully this comment will be allowed to appear this time.


KJ -
Just out of curiosity, why is it relevant when David Frakt became known? I am not sure what "Law Schools Reform Movement" that began in 2010 you are referring to, but Law School Transparency, where David serves as the Chair of their National Advisory Council, working closely with Kyle McEntee, has been extremely influential over the past three or four years in bringing about reforms to legal education, particularly to the ABA accreditation process, and especially in the areas of bar passage and admissions, which are the areas that David does most of his writing on. But the larger question is, do you disagree with something that David says? Why don't you try engaging on substance instead of focusing on his writing style, or his motives? Just a thought.


@formercolleague was David Frakt a member of Law School Transparency before Paul Campos wrote his Atlanta article on law schools scams ? Kyle McEntee did most of the work during law school reform.

I am referring to the class action wave of lawsuits relative to law schools deceiving students in term of job placement rate.

What i disagree with is David writing style referencing to himself or self praise. Mentioning it once or twice is ok but continuously to the point it becomes misleading is not ok. Calling others names as well is not ok.


Somehow, this thread became a debate about David Frakt.

I will note that no objection by David to anonymous commenting, when it comes to formercolleague | May 24, 2018 at 01:34 PM.

David says to others:

"I might take your comments more seriously if you had the courage to identify yourself and your affiliations."

David labels as "cowards" and "jerks" those who dare to post anonymously any questions about his posts. Does he feel that formercolleague is a "coward" and a "jerk" as well?

As for the merits of the post above, I for one find the inordinate focus solely on inputs, and especially the LSAT scores, as self-serving. David has propounded a thoughtful matrix concerning the "cut off" of "high risk" LSAT scorers, and seeks, it seems to this reader, focused on proving himself right.

In my view, concerns about law school effectiveness, honesty, integrity and ultimately, accreditation, should turn on the percentage of graduates who pass the bar and obtain full time, JD required, long term positions, taking into account, as David notes, attrition schemes to hide ineffectiveness and the fleecing of first year students' tuition.


Serious question -- was David Frakt a tenure denial? I see he was affiliated with two very low ranked law schools, yet that is no longer the case.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

I think we can all stipulate that the real coward is Donald John Trump. While Senator McCain was in an enemy POW camp and being tortured, Donald John Trump was getting deferments for bone spurs. I just don't understand how these Harley riders with black POW flags on their bikes can vote for a guy who slams a POW....

Posters here or folks with different academic opinions are not cowards..... The very definition of a coward is sitting in the White House.

David Frakt

Thank you to all of the people who wrote with supportive comments. I really appreciate it.

David Frakt

By the way, I rarely delete anyone's comments unless they are just gratuitously nasty. I leave plenty of negative comments up, even if they are basically critical of me personally and not responsive to my post. Some computers or web browsers have a problem interfacing with the TypePad web host that the Faculty Lounge uses, and their comments either always or sometimes go to spam, even though when you hit post on your home computer, it tells you that your post has been published. I have this same problem myself. Frequently my comments do not post. Because I am a blog contributor, I can go on to TypePad and remove the comments manually from the Spam folder and publish them. If I see other comments on my posts in the spam folder, I also fish those out and publish them. If you ever have trouble posting a comment to one of my posts and you think I am deleting your comments, there is a good chance it is a software issue. Feel free to e-mail me at and ask me to publish your comment if it disappears, and I will be happy to do so.

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