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May 22, 2018


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"So it is not all bad news for gerrymandering opponents."

This is a perfect example of what passes today as "news."

the self-described "reading of tea leaves" is just opinion about what might be news, but reads like a "news" report.

Take note, watchers of MSNBC and the like. You consume conjecture and eschew facts, every day and all the time, and you believe that any push back on your opinions threatens democracy and the rule of law.

What is the value of this speculation? In the real world context of "news" there is no value whatsoever to this sort of "tea leaf" reading: it is destructive and should be avoided at all costs by true "reporters" of the "news."

In academia, one supposes the goal is to gain points for "insight" by making astute "predictions" ... but, really, how many points? And, what is the point of these points?

For one, it seems to me that the value-laden approach to the "reporting" of "conjecture" dressed up as "news" is a symptom of a problem that is endemic.


TDLR: this post disagrees with me so I'll attack the author instead of the reasoning.


Overall, the post doesn't appear to this reader to state anything with which to take issue, on the merits.

It is just conjecture. Who can falsify or validate it?

And, for what reason would anyone debate speculation?

Anon, reactionary, emotional responses establish nothing. You are just attacking the author of the comment above, instead of addressing the merits of posting long pieces that are touted as "news" but are anything but. As such, your attack is self-referential.


TLDR: I know you are but what am I?


TDLR, then ....
TLDR, then ....
(Do you know what this means?)
Again, projection of juvenility.

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