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April 23, 2018


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David Bernstein

What I found most problematic about Jarrar's statement was it visiting the (perceived) sins of the father and son on the wife/mother. Barbara Bush didn't make policy during either Bush Administration, and to have such hatred of her seems unhinged. By contrast, I think actual power-wielders like WHR are fair game.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Dershowitz stuck to the facts and was very lawyerly in quantifying the issues, interesting and informative, actually. Professor Jarrar wished for the death of the remaining Bushes. Her speech read like Alex Jones, Anne Coulter and Breitbart. Something that I might read from Regenery Press. Libtard this Libtard that. Or Trump calling my almost President Hillary a criminal. Inflammatory screeds that all of us more educated on the Right and Left condemn. It was smash mouth at its worst, even if I agree with her points? about the Iraq War.


I think this sums it up. Bill Burr on why he is sick of Michelle Obama’s:

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