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April 24, 2018


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Anonny Prof

I wish this blog could return to the days when it wasn't hijacked by David Frakt and his endless, agenda-laden rants.


There seems to be no place anymore for objectivity. When the FL was used as a platform for debating the law school "scam" issue, it was the same. Partisans entered to hawk their wares like shameless used auto salespersons. But, as least then, the participation was enough to counter and advance the discussion of the issues. Now, DSSLC.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

^^^I have a sh** eating grin on my face just like my pal Donald John Trump! I can't believe people love and admire me this much...I didn't even post here and I get play. Wow. Yes, I am a partisan. I lean left, but don't fall over. Since this an academic blog, diversity of opinion and status should be welcome, especially from a heavy hitter boutique AV Rated Leading Super Lawyer.

Rick Bales

Ad hominem attacks such as those above do not advance discourse and demonstrate the weakness of the commenters' arguments. I would assume that is why they are posted anonymously.

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