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April 18, 2018


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What if the president, on the way to the moon in a stolen rocket, dumped a big load of frozen human waste on a person already traumatized by hearing all of the Russian propaganda to which Americans are subjected on a daily basis?

Would the law of international space apply, or would we say that this is just another outrage that must be punished by non stop tongue lashing by Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, and especially, Lawrence "the voice of reason and moderation" O'Donnell?

More importantly, what laws must we change, preemptively, to deprive this miscreant of the ability to use the existing law to his advantage? We should start with:

1. Repeal of the First Amendment, and immediate imprisonment of Fox News contributors (even the ones who support Democratic madness);

2. Repeal of the Second Amendment;

3. Repeal the Fourth Amendment, by using warrants in a secret court, yes, you better believe it, a SECRET COURT wherein only one side is heard, to spy on the dirty republican enemies under the pretense that one in their midst is a dirty Russian-lover;

4. Repeal of the Fifth Amendment for any dirty Republican (I've actually heard on MSNBC that the way to do this, as a practical matter, is to simply grant immunity);

5. Repeal of the Sixth Amendment (by seizing in surprise raids attorneys entire files, under the pretense that the "crime fraud" exemption applies if the client is a Republican);

6. Basically, create truth free zones, especially in academia, where partisans endlessly speculate, and make up straw persons to ruthlessly attack, sort as a parlor game to vent their ample stores of hate and anger.


My reading is that if the feds decline to prosecute, it never gets to the stage where the double jeopardy law kicks in. I'd be surprised if they haven't already thought of it, and why they're actively working with Mueller.

Anthony Gaughan

That's a great point, Y YPW. Thank you for your comment!

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