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April 09, 2018


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Brian Pomodoro

Brilliant piece re: Ralph Norman / Gabby Giffords.
I’ve often said if I’m in a mall or theater when a shooting breaks out, I’d be more afraid of:
A. The accountant who’ll decide “I’ll put an end to this!”
B. The 80 year old lady who is squinting through lighthouse thick glasses.
C. The soldier of fortune who empties a full clip at every moving object.
D. The weekend skeet shooter who starts shooting at the other three.

Lt. Brian Pomodoro
Disaster Training Coordinator, Boston EMS

Joe Finorke

This meets the elements of an Aggravated Assault....A reasonable apprehension of receiving a battery with a weapon. I think this bonehead should be charged with a crime...pulling out a loaded handgun in a angry manner. I would have been scared for my life.

One time I was at a grocery store in Peru, Illinois near I-80 and some guy in grease stained sweat clothing was reaching for the white Holsum bread and I observed this massive hand gun strapped to his waste under his Trump like huge extended belly. He had not shaved in several days either. It startled me. I wanted to ask if he was a police officer.. and then it occurred to me that Illinois got dragged kicking and screaming into this concealed carry nonsense.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

With apologies to the Village People...

Macho Macho Man, I gotta be a Macho man...

Joe Finorke

Shortly before this meeting, he went to a CVS. He was there to pick up his Viagra. Maybe the gun excites him... To paraphrase that other hero, the one who talked to a chair at the RNC Convention, "He felt lucky..."


Has anyone else noticed the similarity?


Sy Abelman, Carswell, Deep State ... and now ???

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