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April 18, 2018


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Anthony Gaughan

Great post, Brian. Welcome to The Faculty Lounge!

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

One word says it all: LAWYER. "Five O" don't talk to innocent people.


This happens in Chicago so often it is called the False Confession Capital of the Country: here is the 60 Minutes story:

Your course sounds fascinating, and very necessary.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel


I am loath to put this on people, but there are probably 70,000 lawyers in and around Cook County. A lot are struggling financially. For two bills, I would bet folks could find a lawyer for a station house interrogation... Or at least a lawyer to give a brief consultation to say, "You should not talk, and here is what to expect if arrested." At least to the Cook County Public Defender started a pre-detention arrestee program.


Deep State,

That logic would hold in many places but not in Chicago. We have black sites where innocent people are picked up by the cops, locked, tortured, and thrown out. We have 5 year waits for a jury trial. Same think in the Bronx, NY -- some people have to come back to court dozens of times, they get detained so long that they confess or kill themselves. And no, these people do not have "two bills" -- they are broke, meaning no money, none. They are surrounded by 6 cops and told they will spend their life in prison if they don't confess.

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