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March 12, 2018


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I would like to clarify my position on HB 103. Under this provision, the California AG is required to inspect state and private facilities where immigrants are detained by federal authorities. In a sense, this discriminates against federal law, because it imposes a burden (inspections) on the detention of people awaiting federal immigration hearings. And, HB does not withdraw state assistance, so, unlike SB 54, it is not saved by Printz's anticommandeering rule. My point in the post was that the state inspection of facilities would probably not pose an obstacle to federal law and thus would not qualify for conflict preemption. This is because I would assume that the inspection would only burden federal immigration enforcement if the inspection turned up something wrong, like unlawful detention. I am making some assumptions here on HB 103 though, so I welcome feedback in the comments.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Cap N Trade, Common Core and on and on. Hypocrites.

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