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March 13, 2018


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

If you can show how this lowers taxes on the ultra wealthy job creators and impacts law abiding white gun owners' SECOND AMENDMENT right to own an Uzi, Congress might do something. Maybe throw in Hobby Lobby and Terry Schiavo and you have a case.


Wait till you are working in Asia or spending half the year there. The time difference goes between 13 hours and 14 hours to Chicago from China, 14-15 hours from Japan, etc. It makes conference calls and family face time a mess.

Then you have to explain it to the people there, and they don't get it.


ChicagoD, re doing business in China, note Daylight Savings Time reduces the difference, not increases it.

You should have more of a complaint when you go back to Standard time, which is when (e.g.) your time difference Chicago-Beijing (or anywhere in China with its "Beijing Time Must Be Everyone's Time" policy) goes from 13 up to 14 hours.

The really fun ones are places that observe DST or "summer time" but are off the US schedule by a bit, and for which summer/winter time are reversed.

Take Auckland for example. Last week while still on US Eastern standard time, I was offset from Auckland by 18 hours, which is currently on their summer time or DST. We just went to DST so for the next couple of weeks I'm 17 hours off. In 2 weeks they go off their summer time, turning clocks back an hour, so we'll be 16 hours off. This fall, because we go back to standard time a few weeks before they begin their summer time again, we'll phase from 16 to 17 then to 18 hours offset again within just a few weeks.

Same thing happens with Sydney, except it's 16-15-14 spring and 14-15-16 heading into the fall.

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