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March 23, 2018


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Patrick S. O'Donnell

We (my spouse and I) loved Wallander (not enough episodes!), and have also enjoyed such earlier series as Inspector Morse and Prime Suspect (yes, we're that old), as well as Inspector Frost (the last, I suspect, has not garnered the attention and respect it deserves!). The only series in the states I find on par with these in quality is The Rockford Files (of course it is a bit older and utterly different from the others, but I ardently believe its charms are many and enduring). Having lived through the period of Jim Crow laws, the Vietnam War and Watergate, I never imagined our national political life would ever again be so utterly mad and degrading, exemplifying democratic politics at its worst: hence these wonderful shows provide necessary respite and innocuous if not intelligent escape.

In short, thanks for the recommendation (at present, we're viewing two gems, oldies but goodies, via our Netflix subscription, As Time Goes By and All Creatures Great and Small).

Patrick S. O'Donnell

[On "old" above: I've perhaps revealed here a linguistic variation on the Freudian "repetition compulsion."]

Anthony Gaughan

Patrick, I loved Inspector Morse and Prime Suspect! Anything with Helen Mirren in it is great, and John Thaw's Morse is my favorite fictional police detective of all time. Jeremy Brett was also great in the 1980s Sherlock Holmes series (and I enjoyed the more recent Benedict Cumberbatch version very much as well). I haven't seen the Inspector Frost series but will check it out. Have a great weekend!

Ellen Wertheimer

Two more series worthy of full attention: Vera and Inspector Lewis. They are superb. Vera is also based on books by Ann Cleeves; I think it's an even better series than Shetland. It will certainly shatter any romantic notions about the north of England. The Inspector Lewis series is equally extraordinary; Morse fans will remember him as Morse's sergeant, and this series gives him his own adventures.

It's a shame that American television cannot come up with any competition to these British series.

Anthony Gaughan

Thanks so much, Ellen. I will be sure to look into Vera. It sounds great. And I am definitely a fan of Inspector Lewis too.

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