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March 12, 2018


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Steve--The link appears broken.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

He is the perfect attorney for our new MAN OF STEEL. Rules, ethics, norms are merely rumble strips on the highway to cash and gold toilets. Even a high brow boutique Leading Super Solo like me knows not to post client bond. This stuff is really not that difficult. Maybe it is....

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

...what do you expect from a bunch of grifters?



One must assume that you know DSSLC, and that you are very very good friends. You typically leave his inane blathering up on your posts, and remove responses to it. On occasion, as I recall, you have even allowed DSDLC's response to remain, while deleting the comment to which he responded. After allowing his inane blathering to remain and after deleting all comments responding in kind, you typically close the comments. A wise judge, indeed.

Just amazing, really. Do you need a court jester? (He doesn't jest at you, significantly.) Or, do you laugh at his attempts at humor and find his comments insightful? Or, are you very aware of DSSLC's identity (he is obviously from a certain area of the country)? Do you believe that DSSLC's comments attract interest in your posts? (For example, the comment above was posted nearly ONE WEEK AFTER DSSLC's first comment, and long after any real interest by anyone else would have been otherwise demonstrated; was this intended to get readers to go back to the original post?)

Just wondering.

And, btw, if you delete this comment, but leave the DSSLC comments above, you will have proved the point.

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