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March 26, 2018


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Jamila Jefferson-Jones

David, there are three possible outcomes when one takes the Louisiana bar: pass, fail or condition (conditionally pass). Some bar takers in Louisiana purposefully try to condition rather than trying to pass the first time. This allows them to pass part of the bar in one sitting and the rest in another sitting. This may explain Southern’s numbers. I would be interested to know how many of its students condition.


My understanding is that December grads are shown as taking the bar in the following year.

Phyllis L Crocker

Good morning David. In this part of your excellent series you note: Detroit Mercy: No info on 57 out of 157 students in 2017. No info on 48 out of 143 in 2016. See a pattern here?

Here is the explanation for Detroit Mercy Law. We have a dual JD program with the University of Windsor Faculty of Law through which students receive both a US JD and a Canadian JD in three years. Close to 45% of our student body is in the Dual JD program. The vast majority of students in the Dual JD program are Canadians who, upon graduation, take the Canadian bars (solicitor and barrister) in order to practice in Canada. The ABA does not ask about graduates who take non-US bar exams.

The ABA stats show a lack of information about so many of our graduates For the class of 2017 because 53 of the 57 (93%) are Dual JD graduates who did not take a US bar exam. For the class of 2016, 44 of the 48(92%) are Dual JD graduates.

I would be delighted to talk with you more about our program. It is the only one in either country where students get both law degrees in three years.
Phyllis L. Crocker (Dean)

David Frakt

JJJ - Thanks for this suggestion. I will look into it. Can anyone at Southern confirm or explain what is going on there?

David Frakt

Thank you Dean Crocker! I have updated the post and am eager to learn more about this interesting program. Thank you for your kind words.


In addition to its regular fall admits, South Texas has a smaller entering class that begins in the spring. For the most part, the spring admits graduate in December and take the bar exam the following February. Elon's schedule is different than most law schools. I believe students graduate in December and take the bar exam the subsequent calendar year.


With all the explanations pouring in, there obviously aren't any problems with lower tiered law schools after all. Guess you'll have to find a new subject to blog about, David, as the impact of low LSAT scores is just a statistical illusion.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Forget lower tier, upper tier, middle tier, ultra tier, premium tier, middle grade tier, ethyl tier, super clean tier...whatever. It's irrelevant. Our Republic is in emergency mode. Whereas President Obama tried to build up our Nation, with the Recovery Act and Stimulus (See Grunwald, The New New Deal), Donald John Trump is tearing our country down. We need all of the lawyers we can get to challenge this guy at every turn. To paraphrase Mitch McConnel, I want this president to fail.

Gary Rosin

Correccted data for South Texas College of Law Houston has been given to the ABA, and is now in the current version of the ABA Spreadsheet.


Gary Rosin
South Texas College of Law

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