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March 26, 2018


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Isn't South Dakota that school mentioned in a prior blog post here that is messing with that Professor's tenure? Maybe if they focused on their students, instead of politics, they would have a better bar pass rate? Anyway, who would want to go to the State South Dakota when they commit environmental racism, in my opinion, by permitting DAPL on a Native American water shed? If they can't even stand up and protect their own residents, they could probably care less about some LAWYERS to be, in my opinion.

Lawrence Rosenthal

Northern Kentucky initially provided incorrect data to the ABA, and the ABA has now updated its spreadsheet. For the relevant reporting period, there were 131 graduates; 117 graduates are known to have taken a bar exam; and 100 of those exam takers passed within the two-year window. As a result, the two-year pass rate was 85.47%. We apologize for the incorrect reporting to the ABA.

David Frakt

Thank you Dean Rosenthal. I have updated the post and removed NKU from the list of schools that did not meet the 75% UBP Standard. Glad to hear that this was a mistake.

Ben Barros

David, thanks for these posts. Toledo made initial reporting errors as well, which have now been corrected. We were above 80% both years. Our apologies for the initial errors.

David Frakt

Thank you Dean Barros, I have removed Toledo from the list of schools that did not meet the 75% UBP Standard. Keep up the good work!


Dean Barros

Good to see your comments, and that you are doing so well.

In August 2014, it appears that you posted in the FL:

"In this post, I will argue that within a few years there will be a shortage of entry-level lawyers. Law school enrollments have dropped so much that the demand for new lawyers will far exceed the supply of law school graduates. In a relatively short time, we will have gone from an environment where employers received hundreds of resumes for every open position to one where employers might not receive any resumes at all. … Stopping right here, we can say with virtual certainly that the class of 2017 will graduate into the best entry-level job market in recent memory."

Please reappear and tell us:

Did you write those words, here in the FL?

How accurate was this prediction?

It would be great as well if Mr. Freedman would come back and do likewise.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

anon^^^^From what I observe everyday in courtrooms across my practice jurisdiction,. prosecutor and public defender offices are overwhelmed. One prosecutor is working a room with close to 250 traffic offenders, with 15 attorneys seeking reducers or pleas and 10 pro se wanting trial because the copper couldn't possibly see them spee4ding 17 over the limit in a school zone. All the while, the judge requires her presence at the bench. My point? If the government would properly fund the court system, there would be plenty of entry level jobs. Nope, we a damn $25 billion dollar WALL, a voting commission chasing phantoms, Scott Pruitt's trips, a military parade and no taxes for the Koch Brothers.

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