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March 27, 2018


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Howard Wasserman

I always saw a difference in the portrayal of Atticus in the book as opposed to the film--the latter is what most people remember and Atticus is less complicated.

I do have to ask though: In Sorkin's oplay, when Mayella Ewell is on the stand, will she tell Atticus that he can't handle the truth?

Steve L.

Excellent question, Howard. The script has not been made public and the Complaint refers only to comments that Sorkin made in interviews. In addition, there is a letter from Lee's representative to the production company outlining the alleged derogations in the script, but it was filed under seal.

We also don't know whether the play will feature people conversing in clipped terms as they walk quickly from one location to another. Like this:

Madame Tussaud

If the estate wanted to keep Atticus saintly, why did they approve publishing Go Set a Watchman, which completely tarnishes his character, making him into a bigot? You can't simultaneously have Saint-Atticus and Racist-Atticus, so logically Sorkin's approach is the only one that makes any sense.

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