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March 14, 2018


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Steve, you have no problem pointing out the conspiracy crackpots like McCarthy and MESA whose politics you disagree with. How about taking on those prominent academics whose politics align with yours?


"McCarthy is a punch line today, but his approach to conspiracy theorizing lives on in the claims of [Democrats] and others who believe that ["The Russians" have materially and determinatively influenced voters,] government and other institutions."

These conspiracy theorists actually argue that a conspiracy is proved by overtures to join it: when, in other words, logic and common sense should tell us that such overtures would have been unnecessary had the conspiracy actually existed.

And, what is so striking, is a way of thinking about ordinary Americans, who are thought to be so vulnerable to a conspiracy to brain wash them that, in context, they were moved to action by extremely marginal efforts to promulgate certain forms of speech in this land of the free.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

The danger is when ordinary people adopt these theories as fact. I once went to have my car serviced and I like to look at the new ones in the showroom I can not afford. I made a comment to a sales person about a 120K AMG and one thing lead to another. He told me that ISIL or ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service and that there is a cure for cancer by the doctors and pharmaceutical companies have suppressed it to for financial gain. He showed me websites using the dealership's computer. The only good thing was that I passed out my card to the two other salespeople that joined the conversation.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

President Trump yesterday told a crowd at a political rally that the Japanese drop bowling balls on American cars. If the President says it, it is a fact.

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