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February 26, 2018


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Law School Cynic

"There is no law school in the U.S. (nor, I would venture, in the U.K.) where the curriculum fails to address the importance of social science to law practice."
You've apparently never been to Creighton.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

I am not sure if the issue here is good social science method or factual evidence. It's more of a young, immature Donald Trump type of problem. We are talking about a young, immature, unseasoned reporter who got too emotionally involved with her "subjects." At worst its a lack of integrity, at best its inexperience. Good social science data collection nor plays to legalistic evidence gathering will cure Trump nor her.

Steve L.

Prof. Goffman (one assumes) has moved on to other subjects. The greater issue here is that a seasoned sociologist like Dingwall cannot see the problem with reporting mistaken beliefs as though they are established facts.

Enrique Guerra-Pujol

Has Dingwall refused to update his prior?

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