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January 22, 2018


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Couldn't agree more. Faculty indifference to these issues is not simply misplaced opinions concerning "idiocy" IMHO.

Rather, the tacit acceptance of certain forms of bigotry and prejudice is rife in academia, especially legal academia.

How often do you hear casual references to "middle aged straight cis-gender males" ... "jewish" is often tacked into the list. It is more than tacit acceptance of this casual slurring: these attitudes infect hiring and promotion decisions, and make life very uncomfortable for those who are so often and casually demeaned (sometimes, in the most nasty manner).

One notable area of sort of obvious bias in hiring is legal writing instruction. As debated some years ago in the FL, one would think that this reflects a "nurse doctor" "secretary lawyer" "teacher principal" sort of mentality, and would thus be a source of outrage, yet, we hear nothing about this either.

Short answer: legal academics accept their own prejudices as valid, even when any common sense inquiry would reveal quite pernicious conduct based thereon.

Howard Wasserman

FWIW, some reports are suggesting it was an LQBTQ bias crime--Bernstein thought Woodward was interested in him and Wood ward said Bernstein kissed him.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

We tell our children not to act and espouse the statements of Donald John Trump. We tell our children that he is not a normal president. Or well. He is sick. Like telling an abandoned child that a parent cares about you, but is not "well." We tell children to look to Barack Obama or watch Senators Lindsay Graham, Mitch McConnell or Mike Pence. So, when they get to college, their professors act like Donald Trump. What then?

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