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January 04, 2018


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I would also point out that citizen Trump spent a few years falsely claiming that President Obama was not born in this country; that he had sent investigators to Hawaii; that he cannot believe what they are finding. Now he is claiming that a book cannot be published because it allegedly contains false and defamatory statements about the President? Is it too late for Obama to sue Trump on this legal theory?

How about all the people falsely disparaged in Trump's twitter feed?

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

As long as he doesn't fondle his BIG button, we'll be ok.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Just like The Satanic Verses, I am dying to get my hands on a copy...It must be juicy as hell.


As usual, a shallow post, born of hate and spite.

One would expect a law professor to know the difference between a "Constitutional" and a contract right.

Or, is it a President has neither, ever?

If so, there are quite a few issues that I know about 60 million people in this country would like to explore, in detail.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

anon at 3:16

I think you are the same individual who called me a wackadoodle on a post about hawking body organs when I only made legal and academic arguments. I quote my hero Ronald Deficit Ketchup is a Vegetable Reagan, "There you go again!"

Making an opposing argument and sticking to the issues is not hate. I eat regularly eat lunch with prosecutors. Professor Lubet and I get paid to disagree...

Enrique Guerra-Pujol

I would love it if Trump's lawyers really did sue Mr Bannon. That way, Bannon's lawyers could depose Trump for the whole world to see ...


About what, the NDA?

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