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January 29, 2018


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Amazing that today, the leaking of truthful information (e.g., emails that showed the primary was fixed) is demonized by Democrats, as are the those who leaked such information (smeared as "Russians," evoking McCarthy but without the added charm of the "communist" label, leaving only the ethnic slurring). Revelations about government corruption are labeled an "attack on our institutions" by Democrats.

The roles have reversed, indeed. Seems that heroes in the media can only be those who are attacking Republicans, because, as we all know, Democrats fight for truth and justice and Republicans are evil. That means stifling free speech, by active means or by failing to report the truth of leaked information when it hurts "the Party."

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

If Nixon was president today, he wouldn't need to burglarize the DNC headquarters. A distant third party could just hack the DNC's emails and it could somehow end up in his lap. He would be one of our greatest presidents... He could just explain away his anti-sematism as "locker room talk" or bar talk.

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