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January 15, 2018


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

What is missing from Synagogues today are activist Rabbis like Father Michael Pfleger. I wish he was my Rabbi. Where are the activist voices of today? Hello, anybody home? We have problems with mass shootings (guns) an impertinent, bigoted Leader, extreme economic disparity, racial inequality and lack of heath care for all. Silence


Indeed. DSSLC, have you noticed the silence you have produced?

You are now basically the only one commenting here, and nearly on every post you leave your vulgar stain.

Success! I predicted years ago that Sy, Carswell, DSSLC would destroy the commenting feature on this site. So, I suppose congrats are in order.


anon, I would suggest that your comments have had far more of an impact on this blog than anyone else. Your nasty, rude, know-it-all diatribes have drastically reduced anyone's interest in contributing to any real discussion. No matter who the poster, you attack them with a level of invective that would leave even the most intrepid among us unlikely to engage. And you do this all with the "anon" handle in the hopes that no one realizes that you're the same "anon" over and over again. At least DSSLC has the guts to semi-identify.

I'm sure that you'll respond to this comment by attacking me and everything I've said. I look forward to the irony.

PS: I sincerely regret -- and apologize for -- writing this comment on a post about Dr. King.


Let this site adopt a rule against anonymity, and I'm sure we all will follow it.

For one, I have not set out to subvert the commenting function on this site.

If you can defend the first comment above, I'm very interested to hear that defense.

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