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December 04, 2017


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Name one problem that faces the Unites States today:

1. Trump
2. Republicans
3. Attempts at thought control (other than by Democrats)
4. Attempts to limit the number of Democratic voters
5. Fox News

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Question 51. It is my GOD given right to own an Uzi. Everything else is dicta. Welcome to the United States, Son.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

anon at 3:46:

6. Constant war footing militarism since 2001.
7. Erosion of our civil liberties and rights.
8. Erosion of the High and Impregnable Wall separating Church from State.
9. Income inequality.
10.Today, the loss of Bears Ears and Grand Escalante as National Monuments and the further threat to our conservation and historical heritage under some kooky State's Right theory.

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