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December 22, 2017


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Wouldn't you agree that comparing the risk of injury in professional sports to the risk of injury associated with donating kidneys is a completely irrelevant, illogical argument?

YOur argument turns on the fact that objections to buying human organs from living persons turns on medical risk to those persons, and their donees.

In fact, however, as one is sure you know, the reason most people find the rich buying organs from the poor distasteful is because it is disgusting example of the privileged desperately attempting to justify ANY exploitation of the less privileged, in the name of capitalism and market theory.

Behind the veil of ignorance, you wouldn't propose such a thing.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel


Your observations are correct. Whether its the Johnstown, Pa flood, the US Civil War, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Trump Voodoo Economic Trickle Down, the rich always pay the poor to die for them.


BTW, the notion that it is the rich exploiting the poor is self evident.

The rich have the means to buy organs, the poor do not.

The rich have no need to sell organs for money, the poor do.

And, if we are to use professional sports as a valid comparison (it isn't), let's do a study of the socio-economic class from which our gladiators at the greatest risk for physical injury are principally drawn (e.g., boxers, football, martial arts, etc.) The fact that the public enjoys (and the rich benefit financially) from exploiting the willingness to trade injury for money is not only irrelevant to the organ trade debate (expect insofar as the exploitation aspects are similar) but primitive.

The argument that professional sports is dangerous and therefore the rich can justify inducing the poor to sell their organs for money is, as stated above, purely disgusting.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel


Your argument is far afield here. Contact sports specifically and inherently sacrifice the human body (parts) for financial gain. That is why football and boxing are known as contact sports. Fighting in hockey is encouraged or at least not halted. The issue is intent.

Let's contrast that with driving a motor vehicle. Driving is the most dangerous activity most of us will engage in during our lifetimes. What you are essentially positing is that the mere act of driving to work at Walmart is in itself exploitive for financial gain and therefore analogous to paid organ donation.


Have they legalized weed in Illinois?

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

No, we are working on it, however. Studying it... In Cook County, Coppers just write it as on Ordinance Violation.

Brian Frye

Interesting. How many lives is your distaste worth?

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

...and even if we legalize weed, I will not inhale.

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