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December 24, 2017


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Once again, you are simply arguing that professional sports that injure the players should be regulated (to some extent, they are) and banned if the harm is substantially certain to occur (boxing is fading).

You still haven't addressed the core issue:

The rich can afford to buy organs, the poor cannot;
The poor need to sell organs, the rich do not.

These truths logically destroy your rationalizations by way of "whataboutism" ...

In your Orwellian world, organ slavery is freedom; or, perhaps you prefer a Marxist ideal (after all, Big Brother's party was English Socialism), but this is obviously not your notion of a fair society, or will you tax the populace and then pay poor people to sacrifice their organs (again, the rich have no need to sell organs)?

In any real world, you are talking about capitalism at its most naked, disgusting iteration. You say, quite paternalistically/maternalistically, that you will provide "safeguards" to the victims of this devilish system.

Really? Do you honestly believe that ANYONE would allow a vital organ to be removed from his or her body if not for the money? You concede that this is rare, or you wouldn't be proposing this awful idea.

I'm not sure if you believe what you say. I recall a post wherein, if I am not mistaken, you thought woman sell their eggs for altruistic reasons, and therefore should be paid more. Sort of like blood, right? Eyes (after all, most people have two)? Testicles? Skin?

Wouldn't it be easier, in this utopia, just to raise the donors in camps, where you can "educate" them to accept their role as supply kits for the idle rich, who sit around dreaming up new ways to exploit them? Wouldn't that save the time of the "protections" against "mistakes" you sort of risibly describe?

Deep State Special Legal Counsel


I think the "poor" would pay for organs through insurance, Medicare or Go Fund Me as well. It would not be limited to the idle rich, a stereotype you resort to in your post.

Where I donate blood, I get a T-Shirt and two Target gift cards worth twenty dollars. As a society, we collectively believed that mixed race and same sex marriages were verboten. And aren't we hypocrites when we allow weirdo, recluse, white rich gamblers access to unlimited quantities of AR-15s?

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