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December 05, 2017


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Where's that jester who keeps asking: "What have you got against Florida Coastal"?

Oh, never mind. Everything you are saying seems true enough to me. Your personal animus doesn't affect the truth at all. No one should attack you because you actually have a personal reason to go after Florida Coastal (and its management) because what you are saying is true. To attack you for bias, when what you are reporting are facts, would be a tactic only employed in the sandbox.


Thank you for your work on FloCo.

It looks like their leased office space is for sale. Looks like FloCo is moving? Or Closing?

Before CharlotteLaw closed their space was also up for sale.


Oh goodie, yet another post about InfiLaw . . . I miss the old Faculty Lounge blog, where there were not only interesting things being posted, but they were relevant to law and covered various ground. Don't get me wrong, I think InfiLaw is vile and definitely newsworthy, but this blog has become nothing but a collection of rants about InfiLaw and some linked music videos.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

It really doesn't matter where one went to law school. Law practice is really not about the "Law." It's about relationships, schmooze and trying to get along with others in a courthouse community. Read the book, "Craft of Justice" by Flemming, Nardull and Eisenstein. Look, Al Gore lost the presidency because George Bush had a better lawyer who knew how "to practice" even though Gore's lawyer knew the law.

I know a PI guy who graduated from Florida Costal after a career as a car salesman. I would hire him in a heartbeat if I became sick, sore and disabled after falling at a Walmart. Everybody loves this guy and he can schmooze with the best of 'em.

If one guy passes the bar, its a success.


Infilaw's response got a genuine laugh-out-loud from me. So, as to that, thanks for sharing.

Then, surprise hit me: first that FCL tried such a transparently misleading defense, and second that the Wall Street Journal accepted it.


Yes, this blog has gotten pretty bad. Florida Coastal, music videos, Florida Coastal, chronic fatigue syndrome, Florida Coastal. I keep coming hoping someone else will post.



Don't forget the one who farts in every comment section with an incessant, inane expulsion of noxious odors that this person appears to think is funny and insightful (or, so disgusting as to ruin it, which I believe to be the real reason)! Want to know who I mean?

He'll thank me below for my "compliment."


Given rampant grade inflation at the undergraduate level, any transcript with a "2" at the beginning of the GPA should be viewed with skepticism--sure, some students who had less-than-stellar undergraduate careers will turn it around, or have extenuating circumstances of one kind or another, but it's a fairly clear warning sign. The fact that the MEDIAN at Florida Coastal is below 3 is not something I would use as a defense.

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