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December 21, 2017


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Deep State Special Legal Counsel

The same or better argument can be made for the entire firearms industry...


Wow, that's the comment you chose not to delete?

I don't understand why anyone would delete the observation that it is sort of revolting to argue that the rich should be able to buy organs from poor people because the masses enjoy blood in the arena (and the rich derive substantial profits here too, by exploiting the mostly poor folks who serve as the fodder for this blood lust).

You are right! both activities should be seen as gross exploitation of persons' bodies for money and prevented! Why object to this agreement? YOu certainly must be very sensitive to the critique of your argument if you need to delete common sense observations ...

And that observation is this: you seem to be seriously arguing that the rich should be able to buy organs from the desperate poor because the rich can lawfully pay boxers to kill themselves slowly in the ring for their entertainment.

Again, if you were behind the veil of ignorance (I hope you know what that means) you would not make this argument. Only a privileged person with loads of financial security and leisure time could ever possibly even imagine it.


PLease ignore the reference to deleting comments. Sorry for that error.

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