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December 26, 2017


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Anonny Prof

I don't mean to be rude as this sounds interesting, but how many posts do you plan to do on this one topic? Could you at least spread them out a bit?


A world in which the poor might be able to scrape by if they allow their organs to be harvested for the benefit of the wealthy? Pretty dystopian. Not at all far fetched.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Anon at 11:29,

We already live in dystopia. We have major disaster weather events and fires due to a "hoax", a massive redistribution of wealth away from education, roads, research, law enforcement, disease prevention to mutli-national corporations (Mercedes Benz is earn almost $2 Billion more next year) and a school mass shooting (Sandy Hook) characterized as fake news. Oh yes, we allow a deranged, White, reclose, weirdo video slot gambler to purchase multiple combat weapons. And somehow White Nazis are "good people." And you want to criticize a few schleppers for selling their Kidneys?

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

How is this any different than a young law student entering into a "Sugar Daddy" relationship to finance an education? Not ideal, but oh well...kinda roll your eyes...but it happens. Our first lady found Donald John Trump. I guess he's a hunk!


Thankfully, the only defense of this awful proposal, at least in these pages, is offered by a wackadoodle.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

anon at 4:11,
"Awful proposal" you say? You must be live in a cloistered word of pampered wealth and have fully functioning organs. Good for you. Who are you Solyndra? You and the government get to pick the winners and the losers? Let the market decide. If I want to trade a K-Car for a kidney, that should be my choice.



Deep State Special Legal Counsel


If your organs were offered for sale, they would be in the scratch and dent table at Dollar General.


Wackadoodle indeed. And she/he ceased being funny long ago.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Anymouse, thanks for following me. Your organs would be found at a garage sale next to the Beanie Babies and unopened Richard Simmons video tapes. Two for a quarter. See you in the next post....


Wackadoodle doesn't know when to stop. That's a whackadoodle.

His goal appears to be to destroy the commenting section on every post, and, he appears to be succeeding.

SO, maybe a pretender wackadoodle? But, that would make him a wackadoodle, for pretending to be a wackadoodle.

I would think the latter, but, whatever.


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