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December 12, 2017


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Stan Nadel

Again, I question the presumption of innocence that would suggest that these extramural eruptions could possibly not also involve bias against any Jewish students who might take any sort of courses from either Chikindes or Bazian. I think that a presumption of guilt is warranted here.

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

So, Professor Bazian is a lecturer. So, let's unpack that. He is not a professor or even an instructor. What does he do? Read from his notes to 250 undergraduates? These guys can't come to grips with the facts: The Arabs attacked Israel in 1967 and again in 1973 without any provocation and lost the wars they started. They continue to bomb fast food establishments, kill Olympic athletes, bomb busses and run cars into civilians and now want their land back? So they resort to anti-Semitism to make their case. Good Luck with that.


"Dr. Hatem"...

... so we ask, "what's in a name?"

Jeff Rice

I would not get too hung up on his being a "lecturer". Many universities and colleges including Berkeley have non-tenurable faculty who are hired to teach. At Berkeley, as at other schools, after a certain amount of time (in this case, 6 years) one can become a 'continuing lecturer' which means your renewal is presumed shy of negative evaluations. So to say he is not a professor or even a lecturer actually makes no sense and is a distraction. What is relevant is that he can be denied renewal without having to revoke tenure.

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