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December 11, 2017


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rob apuzo

more immigration = more anti-semites; american proles are not

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

What is it with these professors? Arthur Butz, now this guy? They have too much time on their hands. They have achieved some degree of creative and professional status and economic security and resort to this? Why? The sad thing is that these goofs will get cited to as expert AUTHORITY on "news" websites like the Daily Stormer, Info Wars and Breitbart news. These are the "good people" on the other side.

Stan Nadel

I think the academic freedom argument is misguided here. The notion that Chikindas could conceivably treat a Jewish student fairly is simply not credible given his level of bigotry against Jews-no more so than if he were an avid Nazi or KKKer. The fact that their bigotry is irrelevant to the course material is no assurance of fairness to students. And he teaches grad level courses--could he be a mentor to a Jewish grad student or give fair letters of recommendation? I don't think so. Nor, given the fact that such bigotry is rarely directed only against Jews, is it safe to assume he wouldn't also discriminate against members of some other groups. That being the case he is so compromised as a teacher that he has no place in a university classroom even if his courses are not required and can be avoided by Jewish students.


Note that he has lectured and visited in Israel several times yrs ago before Rutgers! He was at the Technion in Haifa and elsewhere....Adds another strange note to his mania...


For those who would deny it (hopefully, some will try) I can personally attest to the Jew hate in legal academia, and I mean at the highest levels.

There are the open statements, e.g., "the last thing we need around here is another middle aged, straight, cisgender, Jew male," Have we ALL not heard some variant of this?

Then, there are those who cloak their Jew hate in anti Israel garb. We've seen much of this debated here in these pages, and it always becomes quite clear that those who say that they "love Jews" but "hate Zionists" are actually full hate for Jews.

The actual Jew hate that is displayed above is more rare, I think. Legal academicians like to think of themselves as sophisticated, highly successful competitors. Most were pampered in elite families and did well on standardized tests, in elite colleges and some did well in law school (many, not so much, but graduated from elite law schools nevertheless).

As Ann Richards said (in a different context) "they were born on third base on think they hit a home run."

For these snarky and usually very immature, self regarding, egotists, Jews are a threat. Pure and simple.

Mark Regan

On the reasons why Rutgers adopted a Statement of Academic Freedom in 1967. Did it have something to do with Eugene Genovese's 1965 statement welcoming the impending victory of the Viet Cong, and Nixon's calling, I think, for Genovese to be fired?

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

So, Professor Ckikindas teaches how and when to drop fries and they call that "Food Science?" I guess if one puts meat and lettuce together between two pieces of bread at Subway, they are called "Sandwich Consultants."

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

I looked at this guy's curriculum vitae: It can be summed up in one sentence. Does Yogurt make you poop? And us tax payers funded this Yokel.

Jeff Rice

Sir Moses Finley (nee Moses Finklestein) was fired from Rutgers in 1952 for refusing to state whether he was a communist. After establishing himself as a distinguished historian and Chaired Professor at Cambridge, he was invited back to Rutgers in 1972 to deliver some lectures. Genovese, contra to the report above was not fired (despite pressure brought to bear on Rutgers President Mason Gross. Gross stood up for academic freedom. Genovese did leave Rutgers shortly thereafter, first for George Wiliams University in Montreal and then to the University of Rochester where he became Chair of History etc.


Stan wrote in part, "...even if his courses are not required and can be avoided by Jewish students".

While I'm not sure I agree with his larger point (not sure I disagree yet, either), I wanted to focus on this last bit.

Are his courses also offered by other professors? If not, having him teach only non-required courses could still be viewed as being a limitation on Jewish students' access to courses.

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