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December 18, 2017


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Al Brophy

Congratulations, Steve. Marc Perry wrote a very nice article. Do you have the links to they Northwestern symposium about Interrogaitng Ethnography?

Deep State Special Legal Counsel

Oxford Press is offering free shipping and 50% off. My total cost for this book was $14.96. Six dollars less than a "Make America Great Again" hat.


"Ethnography suffers from an accuracy problem, one that scholars in the field have largely overlooked"

I still do not get this argument. There is a hundred year debate over the accuracy problem in ethnography; I do not see how he could write a book (a book that does not even reference many of the people who created the method) that jumps into a hundred year debate and thinks its new. But whatever, I've argued with Lubet enough on this on TFL, no point in re-hashing I guess.


I never saw the links to the video of the symposium? Were they ever posted on line?

Deep State Special Legal Counsel


I disagree with your characterization that the book "Jumps into the debate" seemingly as an interloper. That argument lacks merit. Several days ago, I represented a client in a County where I never practiced. Nobody suggested that I was not "welcome." I read Professor Lubet's book (see post above). It focuses a great deal of ink and critique of Alice Goffman's "On the Run." She opened the door to Professor Lubet when she wrote about the law, criminal courts and the larger justice system. Her book is not off limits... She inserted herself into Professor Lubet's area of expertise. Her book is a head scratcher to a criminal defense attorney.

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